Steve's YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel has been lying dormant for sometime now but recently I have started to add more content. We also have a number of other videos that are almost complete and they will be added to the channel in the coming weeks and months. I had been hoping that during the lockdown I would be able to start doing some 'live' streaming performances but for one reason or another it never actually happened. However, whilst working up my solo act and trying a few things out I have surprised myself with some pretty good straight to camera 'live' performances of songs old and new. It's not the same as playing to a crowd and for me it never will be, but it's not such a bad alternative and is enough to keep me going as we start to confirm some 'live' dates for 2022.

The 'Recovery' video was done on my phone in Saltwell Park, Gateshead which is not too far from where I live. I consider myself really lucky to have had access to the park during lockdown and a late afternoon walk was always a real comfort. One day I just happened to notice the 'Coot' struggling a little on it's own out in the middle of the lake and wondered what it was going to do. It waddled across the ice and found clear water and a few friends too. When I looked at the footage later I just thought it chimed perfectly with the song.

You might like the 'Keep A Little Light On' video put together by my friend and producer Dave Maughan. The JINSKI duo recorded the song a few years back and every Xmas I give it a little plug. There's not much going on but the candle keeps burning. The same could be said about the official audio video for 'The Earth And The Clear Blue Sky' which we needed to put together for some national radio submissions. Thanks to Dave Maughan for that one too ... and keep watching the skies!

I put together the Brian Player Review video taken from his Acoustic Cafe Radio Show, it was a great review and they genuinely really liked the record and had clearly had a good listen. It's not always the case. Thanks also to Rob Meek for putting together the moving piece for 'Building The House' and thanks to Liz Meek for appearing in the video. It's interesting to me that this video has divided opinion somewhat with some people really liking the rawness and honesty that is there and others thinking it is maybe a little too real. Take a look and see what you think.

Keep checking the channel for more videos coming very soon including those straight to camera 'live' performances. Since I started working solo again, as well as writing new songs I have also been reinterpreting some of my back catalogue in preparation for getting back on the road. I have really enjoyed working on those videos and we'll have them for you very soon.

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